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Powerball Success for Fort Mill Workers in South Carolina

Powerball Success for Fort Mill Workers in South Carolina

Thirteen co-workers from a plant in Fort Mill, South Carolina are now $50,000 richer having matched four main numbers and the Powerball in the drawing on October 28th. The co-workers, also known as the ‘Every Day is Monday Crew’, started playing Powerball together seven months ago and the group’s ages range from 23 to 66-years-old. The success comes just two weeks after a group of co-workers in Nashville also landed a Powerball prize worth $50,000.

What were the winning Powerball numbers on October 28th? 

The winning numbers were 27, 35, 38, 57, 66, Powerball 10 and the Power Play number was 2x. The jackpot was not won, but there were a total of ten Match 4 plus Powerball winners, each collecting $50,000. One of these ticket holders opted for the Power Play option and is now $100,000 richer. You can have a look at the prize breakdown for the drawing, which includes information about payouts and winners on the Numbers page. 

On discovering that they had won a Powerball prize, one member of the lucky group admitted “not a lot got done after that”. The workmates also announced that membership to their syndicate was now closed. 

The winning ticket was sold at Miller's Produce, located at 3660 NC-51 in Fort Mill. 

How will they spend the Powerball winnings? 

Speaking about their winnings, the Fort Mill workers eagerly discussed buying new toys, fixing up their homes, and plan on investing a portion of the winnings, as well as contributing to their savings.  

Each member of the group will receive approximately $3,800 before tax withholdings. You can find out more about the taxes on Powerball prizes and check the different rates for each state on the dedicated page. 

What is Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot? 

There was no jackpot winner in last Saturday’s drawing, which means it’s a rollover! Wednesday’s jackpot is an estimated $103 million. Have you picked your Powerball numbers yet? There’s still plenty of time to do so. You can buy Powerball tickets by visiting your nearest local authorized retailer or you can choose their numbers online. 

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