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Powerball is played in 44 US states as well as Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Islands and Washington D.C. Some states have sold tickets to the game since it launched in 1992, and others have steadily joined over the years to help make it even more popular and drive up jackpots to record amounts. Wyoming and Puerto Rico were the latest jurisdictions to join Powerball in late 2014.

Some states have enjoyed considerable success, while others are still waiting to register their first Powerball jackpot winner. The table below is updated whenever the top prize is won and shows how many jackpot-winning tickets have been sold in each of the participating areas.

There have been hundreds of jackpot winners over the years, snapping up multimillion-dollar rewards. Visit the Biggest Wins section below to find out about the largest prizes ever given away on the game.

Lottery WinnerThe most recent Powerball jackpot was won on Saturday October 27th 2018.

There were 2 jackpot winning tickets that matched 5 main numbers and the Powerball. 1 ticket was purchased in Iowa and 1 ticket was purchased in New York.

Powerball Winners by State

Have a look at the table below to discover how many jackpot winners there have been in each state.

State: Jackpot Winners: Percentage of Total
Jackpot Winners:
Indiana 39 10.5%
Missouri 31 8.4%
Minnesota 22 5.9%
Kentucky 18 4.9%
Pennsylvania 18 4.9%
Louisiana 17 4.6%
Wisconsin 16 4.3%
Arizona 13 3.5%
Florida 12 3.2%
Washington, D.C. 11 3.0%
Kansas 11 3.0%
New Hampshire 11 3.0%
Nebraska 10 2.7%
Delaware 10 2.7%
Iowa 9 2.4%
New York 8 2.2%
New Jersey 8 2.2%
Connecticut 8 2.2%
California 8 2.2%
Rhode Island 8 2.2%
West Virginia 8 2.2%
Georgia 6 1.6%
South Carolina 6 1.6%
Tennessee 6 1.6%
Massachusetts 6 1.6%
New Mexico 5 1.3%
North Carolina 5 1.3%
Oregon 5 1.3%
Idaho 5 1.3%
Oklahoma 4 1.1%
Montana 4 1.1%
Ohio 3 0.8%
Michigan 3 0.8%
South Dakota 3 0.8%
Colorado 3 0.8%
Texas 2 0.5%
Puerto Rico 2 0.5%
Maryland 2 0.5%
Illinois 2 0.5%
Washington 1 0.3%
Virginia 1 0.3%
Arkansas 1 0.3%
U.S. Virgin Islands 0 0%
Vermont 0 0%
Maine 0 0%
North Dakota 0 0%
Wyoming 0 0%
Total: 371 100%

Three jackpots have gone unclaimed since the beginning of the game. One from Georgia, another from Indiana and a $16 million jackpot prize that went unclaimed in Florida.

Powerball Biggest Wins

Powerball is one of the world's most popular lotteries and the absence of a jackpot cap means that the top prize can reach astronomical sums. In January 2016, it hit an incredible $1.58 billion in advance of the draw on Wednesday 13th, breaking the record for the world's biggest lottery jackpot!

Here are the largest Powerball wins to date:

$1.586 billion won on Wednesday January 13th 2016

Three players made Powerball and lottery history by snapping up an incredible jackpot worth $1.586 billion. The lucky winners were from California, Florida and Tennessee and took home a pre-tax total of $528.8 million each. John and Lisa Robinson of Munford in Tennessee were the first to come forward, going on the Today show to break the news just days after the drawing was held. David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith from Melbourne Beach in Florida stepped forward the next month, and in July 2016, Marvin and Mae Acosta of Chino Hills, California claimed their winnings, ending months of speculation about what had happened to the third ticket. Read More

$758.7 million won on August 23rd 2017

Mavis Wanczyk, 53, bought the winning ticket at a petrol station in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The win is the highest ever on a single lottery ticket, surpassing the previous record set in 2013. Ms Wanczyk has opted to take the $480.5 million cash lump sum over the $758.7 million annuity. Read More

$687.8 million won on Saturday October 27th 2018

The third-biggest Powerball jackpot in history was split between two ticket holders from Iowa and New York. The prize rolled over for 21 draws before it was won and was the second nine-figure jackpot to be won in New York in the space of a month. One of the winning tickets was bought from Casey's convenience store in Redfield, a community of only around 800 people in rural Iowa.

$590.5 million won on May 18th 2013

This jackpot was won by Gloria MacKenzie, 84, from Zephyrhills, Florida. She opted for a pre-tax cash payment of $370.8 million. The annuity value of the jackpot she won was, at the time, the largest on record for a single ticket. Read More

$587.5 million won on November 28th 2012

There were two winning ticket holders of this jackpot. One ticket was purchased in Arizona by Matthew Good and the other by Mark and Cindy Hill from Missouri. Both ticket holders selected the pre-tax cash option of $192.3 million. Read More

$564.1 million won on February 11th 2015

There was a three-way split for this huge jackpot in 2015. One ticket was purchased by Marie Holmes, a single mother from Shallotte, North Carolina. Another ticket was claimed on behalf of an anonymous trust in Texas, while the third and final winning Powerball ticket was sold to an anonymous citizen in Puerto Rico, where Powerball tickets went on sale for the first time in September 2014. Read More

$559.7 million won on January 6th 2018

The first big Powerball jackpot of 2018 was won on a single ticket from New Hampshire. The ticket was bought at Reeds Ferry Market, a small independent convenience store located roughly 25 miles south of Concord. The winner, going by the name of Jane Doe, wanted to claim the Powerball prize whilst maintaining her anonymity which is not allowed in the state of New Hampshire, as state laws dictate that winner information should be made available to the public. The winner subsequently entered legal proceedings to try and protect her information.

$488.4 million won on August 7th 2013

Three winning tickets shared this jackpot, with one entry bought by Paul White from Ham Lake, Minnesota and the other two purchased in New Jersey. One of the tickets from New Jersey was purchased by Mario Scarnici of Monmouth Junction, while the other was held by a 16-member lottery pool from Ocean County who were promptly nicknamed "Oceans 16". All three winning ticket holders selected the pre-tax cash option of $86 million each. Read More

$487 million won on July 30th 2016

A single ticket from New Hampshire won a fantastic Powerball prize of $487 million on Saturday July 30th after 24 rollovers. The lucky winner is the tenth player from the Granite State to win a Powerball jackpot. Read More

$456.7 million won on March 17th 2018

2018 had its second Powerball win that ranks in the top 10 when a single ticket from Pennsylvania matched all five main balls and the Powerball to walk away with over $450million. The jackpot win was the 18th in Pennsylvania which ranked it 5th amongst states with the most jackpot wins.

$447.8 million won on June 10th 2017

A Powerball player from Menifee, California won a prize of $447.8 million after purchasing their entry from the Marietta Liquor and Deli store in the Sun City area. The ticket holder, instantly made history by becoming the winner of the tenth largest lottery prize in U.S history. Read More

$435.3 million won on February 22nd 2017

A lucky ticket holder from Indiana matched all five main numbers and the Powerball to become the first jackpot winner of 2017. It not only kept Indiana flying high as the most successful state for Powerball players, but was also the largest prize ever won by a Hoosier. Read More

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