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Kentucky Powerball Winner Follows in the Footsteps of his Wife

Kentucky Powerball Winner Follows in the Footsteps of his Wife

Eric Garrison, of Falmouth, Kentucky is now $50,000 richer, having matched the four main numbers plus the Powerball number for the drawing that was held on November 1st. Eric, who is a retired service repairman for Sears, started playing Powerball a few months ago and follows in the footsteps of his wife who won big nearly two decades ago. 

What were the winning Powerball numbers on November 1st? 

The winning numbers were 3, 6, 19, 26, 44 with Powerball 1 and the Power Play number was 2x. Although the jackpot was not won, there were a total of 421,729 prize winners in the remaining prize-tiers. 

A $1 million Powerball ticket was sold in Texas and Eric wasn’t the only player to pick up $50,000, as there were ten additional Match 4+1 winners. You can view the full prize breakdown for the drawing, which includes information about winners and payouts on the Powerball Numbers page.  

Two days after the drawing, Eric returned to the store in Falmouth where he had bought his Quick Pick ticket to check his numbers and, after playing the same numbers for months, he discovered that he was now a Powerball prize winner. The store manager checked his ticket and told Eric that the prize was too large for them to be able to pay out. "I told you to play the same numbers," exclaimed the excited retailer. 

Eric purchased the winning ticket at Love's Travel Stop, located at 313 Porter Rd, Kentucky. The store will receive a vendor’s bonus of $500 for selling the winning ticket. 

When speaking to lottery officials about his win, Eric mentioned that his wife Linda had previously won a lottery prize worth $2.6 million on March 10, 1999. She also used the same set of numbers for each drawing, before winning the jackpot prize.

How will he spend the Powerball winnings? 

Eric has no big plans for the winnings. However, he is thinking about buying a new car for his wife. If you won a $50,000 Powerball prize, how would you spend it? 

When is the next Powerball drawing? 

The next Powerball drawing is on Wednesday, just one day before Thanksgiving, and the jackpot is an estimated $134 million. If you would like to follow in Eric’s footsteps and have a chance at winning a Powerball prize, you can pick up a ticket from any local authorized retailer. Players can also choose their numbers online. For more information on selecting your lines and how to claim a prize if you match the winning numbers in the drawing, check out the How to Play Powerball page. 

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