Puerto Rico Powerball Numbers

Puerto Rico is one of Powerball’s newest participating jurisdictions and is unique as the only location which offers the game without also selling Mega Millions tickets. It has quickly made its mark with some big Powerball wins, though, including one player who grabbed a share of a $564 million jackpot. View the Puerto Rico Powerball numbers below.

Winning Numbers

Saturday, June 12, 2021
2x Rollover
  • 8
  • 25
  • 34
  • 38
  • 41
  • 10
  • 3
Puerto Rico Winners
All States Total Winners
PR Jackpot Winners
Next Estimated Jackpot
$40 Million

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Match PR Winners Prize Per Winner PR Prize Fund
5 + PB 0 $30,700,000 No Winners
5 0 $1,000,000 No Winners
4 + PB 0 $50,000 No Winners
4 2 $100 $200
3 + PB 2 $100 $200
3 49 $7 $343
2 + PB 27 $7 $189
1 + PB 277 $4 $1,108
0 + PB 711 $4 $2,844
5 (Power Play) 0 $2,000,000 No Winners
4 + PB (Power Play) 0 $150,000 No Winners
4 (Power Play) 4 $300 $1,200
3 + PB (Power Play) 18 $300 $5,400
3 (Power Play) 435 $21 $9,135
2 + PB (Power Play) 398 $21 $8,358
1 + PB (Power Play) 2,957 $12 $35,484
0 + PB (Power Play) 6,808 $12 $81,696
Wednesday June 16th 2021
It's a DOUBLE Rollover!
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Estimated Jackpot
$40 Million

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Past Results

You can find more Puerto Rico Powerball results below. Select the '+ View Payouts' button to view a full breakdown of the prizes won in each draw.

Puerto Rico Powerball Rules

Powerball is played in the same way in Puerto Rico as in other jurisdictions but there are a few specific rules that may be different to other locations:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to play.
  • You can enter up to 26 consecutive draws in advance.
  • Ticket sales close at 10:59pm Atlantic Time (21:59 ET).
  • Lottery winnings in Puerto Rico are exempt from income tax.

See the How to Play page for more information.

How to Claim Prizes

If you win a prize of up to $800, you can claim your money from any licensed lottery retailer. For an award between $800 and $25,000, you will need to visit one of Puerto Rico’s regional claim centers, while you must collect a prize of $25,000 or more from the headquarters in Hato Rey, San Juan. The address of the headquarters is as follows:

Angel Ramos Foundation Building Suite 110
383 Roosevelt Avenue
Hato Rey
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918-2143

Claim Period

If you win a Powerball prize in Puerto Rico, you have 180 days from the date of the draw to come forward and claim your money. If you win the jackpot and wish to take the cash option you must make your claim within 60 days, otherwise you will have to accept it as an annuity in 30 yearly payments.

Going Public

You are allowed to stay anonymous if you win a Powerball prize in Puerto Rico. A law protecting the identity of lottery winners in the territory was established in 1989, and players who have pocketed big prizes have taken advantage of this rule to keep their names out of the public eye.

Where Does the Money Go?

The Puerto Rican Lottery has raised more than $5 billion for the territory’s economy since 1990. Once the prize money has been paid out, operational costs have been covered and retailers have received any commission they are due, the proceeds are given to a Lottery Fund and allocated to different social programs from there. Among the beneficiaries are the Scholarship Fund of the University of Puerto Rico, elderly people, various health and sports programs and individual municipalities. 

Puerto Rico Powerball Winners

Puerto Rico only joined Powerball in September 2014, becoming the first Spanish-speaking jurisdiction to be a part of the Multi-State Lottery Association. The territory history again less than five months later when the jackpot was won outside the mainland U.S. for the first time, on February 11 th 2015. The top prize was worth $564 million – one of the biggest jackpots ever – and the Puerto Rican winner was one of three in the draw. The lucky ticket holder decided to stay anonymous.

Puerto Rico snapped up its second Powerball jackpot just a couple of months later, when someone from the territory matched the full winning line to bank $50 million. The winner again decided not to go public.