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Three Powerball Ticket Holders Win Match 5 Prize in Time for Christmas

Three Powerball Ticket Holders Win Match 5 Prize in Time for Christmas

Two lucky ticket holders in Minnesota and Virginia are now $1 million richer, having landed a Match 5 prize in Saturday’s Powerball drawing. A third ticket holder from Washington also won a Match 5 prize, but had opted to add the Power Play multiplier to their ticket, meaning they won $2 million. Players are reminded to check their numbers and the winning ticket holders can collect their prize winnings from a local lottery office. 

What were the winning Powerball numbers? 

The winning numbers for Saturday December 9th were 25, 36, 37, 55, 60, and the Powerball was 6. If you opted for the additional Powerplay, the number was 5x. Power Play multiplies non-jackpot prizes by a number selected at random just before the draw. However, if you win a Match 5 prize with Power Play, the total winnings always amount to $2 million no matter which number is drawn.

Aside from the Match 5 successes, 765,316 ticket holders won prizes, ranging from $4 for matching the Powerball only. Although three players matched five main numbers, no one was able to take it one step further and hit the jackpot. You can find more information about payouts on the Numbers page. 

Where were the tickets sold? 

Minnesota Lottery officials have confirmed that a $1 million Powerball ticket was sold at Casey’s General Store on 1205 Haven Road in Little Falls. The Match 5 ticket is the fourth $1 million award won in the state this year and the store will receive a vendor’s bonus of $5,000 for selling the winning slip. 

The store manager, Kayla Lukaswicz, commented on the win, saying, "We're really happy and positive here. I always tell our customers that maybe we're giving off good vibes.” The store has previously sold winning tickets for other games, including a scratch game worth $50,000 in September. 

Information has yet to be released about the stores that sold the winning tickets in Washington and Virginia. In Washington, there were more than 10,000 prize winners on the night of the drawing, and 23 players in Virginia matched four main numbers plus the Powerball to win a prize worth $50,000.  

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