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Powerball Players Pick Up Big Prize on Wedding Day

Powerball Players Pick Up Big Prize on Wedding Day

As the Powerball jackpot approaches $400 million, players across the country may be able to take inspiration from one lucky couple from Bel Air in Maryland who managed to win a great prize on a day when perhaps they were least expecting it.  

It was already set to be the biggest day of their lives as they prepared to get married on December 13th, but it turned out to be even more special when they won $50,000. The husband only bought a ticket because he had to stop and buy food after getting a pre-wedding haircut, and he did not check the numbers straight away as his focus lay elsewhere.

They eventually realised their good fortune during their honeymoon, but it still took some time to sink in. After taking the ticket out of his wallet, he recalled: "I looked at my ticket and said, 'Why do my numbers match the numbers on my phone?' The newlyweds then called their parents to verify that they were not seeing an illusion.

The happy couple, who have dubbed themselves ‘the Thousandaires’, came forward just before Christmas and cannot wait to start their new life together. "Normally couples aren't excited to arrive home after their honeymoon, but 'The Thousandaires' were so ecstatic that they came directly to the Maryland Lottery office in Baltimore after their return flight on Friday morning," said lottery officials.

Huge Jackpot

The final Powerball drawing of 2017 will take place on Saturday night. The jackpot stands at an astonishing $384 million, which has a cash value of $239.7 million. There have only been three higher jackpots given away this year, and the top prize has not been won since a syndicate of three family members from Louisiana picked $191.1 million on Wednesday October 25th.

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