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Powerball in 2022; Best Winning states, Most common numbers and more

Powerball in 2022; Best Winning states, Most common numbers and more

There are only a few Powerball draws left in 2022 and its safe to say it’s been a record-breaking year for the world’s biggest lottery. Here we take a look through all things Powerball and see which numbers were the most and least common, which states had the most winners and what jackpots were won this year.

You can’t start a conversation about Powerball in 2022 without mentioning the world record jackpot of $2.04 billion that was won on November 7th. The win broke almost every record in the book, including the biggest single win of all time and the largest lottery prize pool ever on offer in history. It was a ticket purchased in California that matched the lucky numbers of 10-33-41-47-56 and Powerball 10 to walk away with a possible cash option of $997 million, or roughly $692 million after taxes. The jackpot still hasn’t been claimed so if you live in California- check your old tickets now!

There have been 152 draws in the year so far and the most common numbers drawn have been 6-33-36-37-39, whilst the most common Powerball number this year has been 7. By contrast, the numbers that have been drawn the fewest times are 1-12-17-26-43 and Powerball 8. Each draw gives the same chances for each number to be drawn, but its quite amazing to see that there can be such a difference in the draw frequency of a ball despite this.

Alongside having the biggest win of the year, California also takes the title as the state with the most winners this year in all prize levels with a whopping 14,823,463 winning tickets in 2022. They had just the single jackpot winner on the year and were the best winning state- so well done to everyone living in California! Sadly, it was the Virgin Islands and D.C that take the title as the states with the fewest winners with 49,739 and 174,858 winners respectively on the year. They also didn’t manage to have a jackpot winner this year from the lucky six and still havent had one since they started playing Powerball. Maybe that will change in 2023?!

There have been six Powerball Jackpot winners in 2022 taking home an average of $571,085,714. The states with winners are Connecticut, Arizona, Vermont, Pennsylvania, California and Kansas, yet only Vermont and Arizona have had their winners come forward and both take the cash option. Its not irregular for winners to take their time coming forward to claim a jackpot, but they do have a time frame in which to claim their prize before they expire and the funds are redirected to good causes.

If you were a Powerball winner in 2022 then congratulations- a win of any amount should be celebrated! The worlds bigges lottery shows no signs of slowing down and who knows, maybe we will see the first $3 billion jackpot in 2023?

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