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Maryland Player Is First Powerball Double Play Jackpot Winner

Maryland Player Is First Powerball Double Play Jackpot Winner

The Powerball jackpot may be rapidly becoming one of the largest lottery prizes to have ever been seen anywhere in the world, but the game is still producing lots of big winners. The new Double Play drawing has now also created its very first winner.

$10 Million Jackpot

Double Play was launched in August at the same time as the third weekly Powerball draw was introduced on a Monday. The new game gives your numbers a second chance of winning, at an additional cost of $1 per play.

To take part, it’s as simple as ticking a box on your playslip, as you don’t have to choose another set of numbers. A separate drawing takes place for Double Play, and you win by matching numbers. It has all the same prize levels, and some of the fixed payouts are worth even more than the main game.

The jackpot is worth $10 million in every drawing, so it doesn’t roll over like the main Powerball grand prize. No tickets matched all the numbers in the first 15 drawings, but one did on Monday September 27.

The lucky ticket was sold in Maryland, a state which has only had three jackpot winners on the main game. The most recent of those was one of the biggest in history and came in January. ‘The Power Pack’ came forward to claim the $731 million jackpot. Maryland can now also claim to be the most successful state on the Double Play game!

The winning Double Play ticket was sold at the Exxon gas station on Rockville Pike in Rockville. The retailer will also get a $10,000 bonus for selling the lucky entry.

"It's always exciting when the jackpot is rolling, but selling the very first $10 million-winning Double Play ticket takes it to a whole different level," said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin. "We've now had a Powerball jackpot prize and a Double Play top-tier prize in Maryland this year."

Only 13 states currently offer Double Play - Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Washington.

Powerball Keeps Rising

There still has not been a Monday winner of the main Powerball jackpot, after the top prize rolled over again in the latest drawing. It is now up to $570 million, bumping it up to eighth in the all-time list. It is the longest that Powerball has ever gone without a winner.

You can use the Powerball Checker to see if your numbers have come up after every drawing. It can also tell you if you’ve won a Double Play prize. 

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