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California Man Finally Claims $316 Million Jackpot

California Man Finally Claims $316 Million Jackpot

More than four months after a Powerball jackpot of $632 million was split two ways, the Californian winner has finally come forward to claim their prize.

The winner’s identity has been revealed as Orlando Zavala Lozano. He has declined media interviews at this time so further details about his story and how he plans to spend the money have yet to be disclosed.

However, it has been announced that he purchased his ticket at the 7-Eleven on the corner of Wyndham Drive and Valley Hi Drive in Sacramento.

The ticket ended up being worth more than $316 million after it matched all the numbers, along with another entry sold in Wisconsin. Lozano has decided to take the cash lump sum, worth $225 million before taxes.

Congratulating Lozano, the California Lottery added that the long jackpot run generated more than $67.8 million for schools in the state.

“Every dollar or more that a Lottery player spends in California supports our mission to raise money for public education,” said Alva V. Johnson, Director of the California State Lottery.

“And the local stores that sell our games – our more than 23,000 retail partners across the state – benefit too from commissions and bonuses. So, whether a player hits a big jackpot, wins a smaller prize, or doesn’t win any cash at all – rest assured it’s still a win-win for the community and for California.”

The 7-Eleven where Lozano purchased his ticket will receive a bonus of $1 million for selling it. Store owner Harprit Dhillon said: “Foot traffic has increased along with sales since we sold the winning ticket. Lottery games are great for small businesses, and we love selling them.”

The other half of the $632 million jackpot was claimed by Tammy and Cliff Webster from Brown County in Wisconsin. They waited just a few weeks to come forward and also decided to take the cash option.

The jackpot was the seventh-largest in Powerball history and remains the biggest of 2022 so far. Remember to check your numbers after every drawing to find out if you are a winner.

Page Last Updated: 12/20/2022 5:00:06 AM ET