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Powerball to Launch In Mississippi on January 30th 2020

Powerball to Launch In Mississippi on January 30th 2020

November 25, 2019 was a big day in Mississippi as the first ever lottery tickets went on sale in the state. There’s more excitement to come, though, as it has also been announced that Powerball will be available to play in Mississippi from January 30, 2020.

How Will Powerball Work In Mississippi?

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation has already joined the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), the organization responsible for licensing Powerball, and it is now in the process of getting everything set up to be able to offer the game in January 2020. The state will become the 48th participant, leaving only Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah without Powerball (or a state lottery at all).

January 30 is a Thursday, so the first draw that Mississippians can participate in is on Saturday February 1, 2020. While many of the finer details are yet to be confirmed, there are some important points that any prospective Powerball player in Mississippi should know:

  • You will need to be at least 21 years old to purchase tickets or claim prizes
  • You will have 180 days to claim prizes
  • A graduated state tax of up to 5 percent will be applied to payouts over $5,000
  • Prize winners will be able to remain anonymous

Prizes worth less than $600 will be claimable from any lottery retailer, and anything above that will need to be claimed from the Mississippi Lottery’s headquarters in Flowood, near Jackson. Further details about Powerball in Mississippi will be released closer to the launch date.

MS Lottery Launch Judged a Success

It has been many years in the making and anticipation was high, so it’s not too surprising to hear that the launch of the Mississippi Lottery was deemed to be a great success. 

A special launch event was held at the Raceway gas station on Mississippi 18 West in Jackson on November 25, during which State Rep. Alyce Clarke bought the ceremonial first ticket. For years Rep. Clarke flew the flag for a state lottery in Mississippi and she was pleased to see the effort rewarded. 

“It feels great. Finally, it becomes a reality,” said Rep. Clarke. “And it just goes to show you what happens if you don’t give up. Sometimes you have to try and try and try again.”

It was later announced that in just the first day of trading, the Mississippi Lottery generated over $2.5 million from the scratch-off games that went on sale. Around $570,000 of that money will go to the State Highway Fund to repair and maintain roads and bridges across Mississippi. Up to $80 million in proceeds will go to that fund each year, with any excess going to the Education Enhancement Fund.

Tom Shaheen, the President of the Mississippi Lottery Corporation, was pleased with the reception the lottery received and was enthusiastic about the future: “We knew Mississippians were ready to play the lottery,” he said. “We did not foresee the level of their excitement! Next, onto Powerball!”

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