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Powerball Ticket Sales Resumed in Illinois

Powerball Ticket Sales Resumed in Illinois

Illinois Lottery officials confirmed last night that sales of Powerball tickets have resumed, after a state budget was passed for the first time in three years yesterday. The news has been welcomed by lottery fans in Illinois, who endured a week-long suspension in the game for the first time since it arrived in the state in 2010. 

Illinois Lottery Director Greg Smith commented on the news, which also saw Mega Millions and other multistate lottery tickets go back on sale, “We appreciate the loyalty of our players and retail partners as we continue our mission to fun K-12 education.”

Ticket sales were dropped last month due to the lack of a budget, which meant spending stopped at all non-essential government services, including the lottery. The company couldn’t pay out large prizes or fund future awards, so was not allowed to continue offering the games. However, early Thursday afternoon, funds were made available after the House overrode Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto and ticket sales shortly returned.
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner released a statement warning the passing of the budget could result in ‘tax hikes’ for the state. This means that Powerball lottery fans in Illinois could face higher withholdings on prize winnings in the near future. You can learn about the taxes on Powerball prizes in your jurisdiction here

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot currently stands at $140 million. Tickets are available from any authorized retailer or players can pick their numbers online. Remember to check the results after the drawing over on the Latest Numbers page. Good luck!  

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