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Powerball Jackpot Surges Past $500 Million Again

Powerball Jackpot Surges Past $500 Million Again

In a year of gigantic jackpots for Powerball, the grand prize has once again gone past the ‘half-a-billion’ dollar figure. It sets up the potential for one of the biggest wins of all time over the holiday period.

The last two jackpots to be won have both been worth more than $1 billion. What’s more, they have both gone to Californian players. A ticket holder from the Golden State pocketed $1.08 billion on July 19, before another landed $1.76 billion on October 11.

Since then, the jackpot has climbed steadily from its starting value of $20 million. It has now reached an estimated $535 million ahead of the next draw on Saturday, with a cash value of $257.6 million.

Wednesday’s winning numbers were 3, 8, 41, 56 and 64, with Powerball 18. Nobody won the jackpot, but two players picked up $1 million after matching all five main numbers without the Powerball. Another two ticket holders - one from Arizona and another from Texas - added the Power Play to land $2 million each. View the Powerball Payouts for the December 13 draw.

With the jackpot now more than halfway towards 10 figures again, more tickets can be expected to be sold each week until there is finally a winner. That will propel the jackpot upwards at a faster rate and it might not be long until it pushes into the top 10 in history.

Biggest Wins Ever

To make it into the top 10, the jackpot will need to surpass $632 million. To reach the very top of the charts, it would need to go all the way up beyond $2 billion.

The largest jackpot ever won went to Edwin Castro from California. He matched all the numbers in the $2.04 billion drawing on November 7, 2022, before coming forward to claim the money in February.

You can see how close the current jackpot gets to the record by keeping track of the winning numbers after every draw. Make sure to give yourself a chance of winning by buying a ticket.

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