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Powerball Jackpot Goes Past $400 Million

Powerball Jackpot Goes Past $400 Million

The Powerball jackpot has soared to an estimated $414 million for Saturday night’s drawing following a 20th consecutive rollover on Wednesday. The top prize has not been won since Brooklyn truck driver David Johnson pocketed $298 million on December 26th.

Since Powerball launched in 1992, there has never been such a long wait for the first jackpot winner of the year. The top prize is now starting to grow more and more quickly between drawings, and it may only take one or two more draws to push into the all-time top ten.

Puerto Rican Player Comes Close

A number of players have come close to landing the jackpot in 2019, with three ticket holders matching all five main numbers on Wednesday evening and just missing out on the Powerball. The winning numbers were 6, 10, 21, 35 and 46, with Powerball 23.

Two of the Match 5 entries, bought in Nebraska and Texas, were worth $1 million each, while the third ticket was purchased in Puerto Rico and included the Power Play option, giving the participant a payout of $2 million. It would have been Puerto Rico’s third jackpot win if they had also matched the Powerball.

Which States Have Been The Most Successful?

Puerto Rico has only been participating in Powerball since September 2014 and has a much smaller population than some of the states which take part in the game, so it trails a long way behind the most successful locations.

Indiana tops the list with 39 jackpot winners, and the Hoosier State has been selling tickets since Powerball started 27 years ago. Missouri and Minnesota come next in the rankings with 31 and 22 winners respectively, having also been a part of the game since the beginning. The format of Powerball has changed a lot since 1992 and the top prize was won more regularly in the first few years.

A few states - Vermont, Maine, North Dakota, Wyoming and also the U.S. Virgin Islands - have not had a single jackpot winner. These are locations with some of the lowest populations - and therefore potential players - of all the states in the country.

Go to the participating states page to find out more about how the game is played where you live, and then you can look forward to Saturday night’s big drawing. It could just be your ticket that gives your state its next jackpot winner!

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