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New Virginia Millionaire Told Store Store Clerk He Would Win

New Virginia Millionaire Told Store Store Clerk He Would Win

Landscaping worker George Tinnell had a lucky feeling when he purchased his Powerball ticket for a recent drawing, telling the store clerk that he thought it was his time to win. It may be a sentiment expressed regularly in shops and gas stations throughout the U.S., but this Virginia man’s prediction proved to be accurate as he was able to come forward and collect a check for $1 million.

Tinnell bought his ticket for the January 5th drawing from the Fairview Grocery at 9511 Fairview Avenue in Manassas. He used the same numbers he had been playing for a while, but just had a hunch that it could be his moment. When he got to the counter, he told the clerk: “I think I’m going to win this time.”

It was a day later that Tinnell realized he had won, when he was spending time with a neighbor at home and decided to check the results. He had matched all five main numbers - 3, 7, 15, 27 and 69, just missing out on the Powerball of 19. “I looked at my buddy and said, ‘I just won!’” he told lottery officials.

Tinnell, who sported a white bandana in his publicity photo, added that he would need more time to decide on how to spend his winnings. His only plan at the moment is to pay off bills. Fairview Grocery, meanwhile, will receive a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Had Tinnell matched the Powerball as well, he would have become just the second jackpot winner from Virginia. Tickets have been on sale in the state since 2010, but so far Dave Honeywell from Fredericksburg is the only player to have landed the top prize, having won $217 million with a ticket bought on Superbowl Sunday in 2013.

Powerball Jackpot Close To $200 Million

A number of other ticket holders have come close to landing the jackpot this year, including a player from Arizona who banked $1 million in the last drawing on Wednesday January 30th, but the top prize has continued to climb quickly and now stands at $191 million ahead of the next game on Saturday.

The last winner was New York’s David Johnson, who scooped $298 million just after Christmas and revealed that he would be quitting his job as a truck driver straight away, swapping his work vehicle for a new red Porsche.

As snow and ice disrupts life across large parts of the U.S., a big Powerball win this weekend would be the perfect way to provide a bit of winter warmth. Check out the Powerball Numbers page straight after the drawing takes place to see if the jackpot has been won for the first time this year.

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