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Powerball Jackpot Rolls Over to $80 Million Despite Making Four New Millionaires

Powerball Jackpot Rolls Over to $80 Million Despite Making Four New Millionaires

The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday September 27th rolled over for the third time in a row, making Saturday’s jackpot an estimated $80 million. It was still a great night for all the players who picked up prizes, including four ticket holders who managed to match five balls and win $1million in the process.

Now, four players may not sound like a large number, but when you consider there have only been seven draws this year where there have been more ticket holders match five main balls drawn (out of a total of 77 draws in 2017) then it stands out. The jackpot was only $66 million, low by Powerball’s standards, which typically means fewer players take part and therefore there should be fewer ‘match five’ winners than usual, not more.

The winning tickets were bought in Michigan, Rhode Island, Texas and Massachusetts, recent site of the $758.7million jackpot win. Time will tell if the players come forward to collect their winnings.

There is never an exact reason why one draw has more winners in a certain prize tier than others, so the only thing you can do is look at the numbers drawn. Looking at the numbers for September 27th the thing that stands out is all the numbers are lower than 30, ruling out over 50% of the numbers in the ball pool. This would typically make you expect that fewer players would match five numbers due to the sheer numbers that are immediately ruled out, but it could be that many of the ticket holders used important dates such as birthdays to select their Powerball lines.

The number 23, the fourth ball drawn, is the second most common Powerball winning number since 2015, having been drawn 24 times. None of the other main balls drawn have come out more than 18 times, whilst the Powerball of 22 is the sixth most popular Powerball.

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