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Jackpot Hits $400 Million As Powerball Turns 30

Jackpot Hits $400 Million As Powerball Turns 30

In the week that Powerball celebrates its 30-year anniversary, the jackpot has risen to $400 million. It has taken just over two months for the grand prize to climb so high, but it is barely a quarter of the way towards the existing record in a game that has thrilled players across the U.S. for the past three decades.

Powerball Birthday Wishes

Powerball launched in the spring of 1992, with ticket sales beginning on April 19th and the first drawing going ahead on April 22nd. There were 14 participating states, plus the District of Columbia, and Bert Morlan from Indiana claimed a jackpot of $5.9 million in the very first draw.

The game has gone from strength to strength ever since, undergoing multiple changes to create even more excitement. Tickets are now available in 48 different jurisdictions, the format has been adapted and the jackpots have gone on a steep upward curve. In January 2016, three players split a prize of $1.58 billion - which still remains the largest lottery payout ever seen anywhere in the world.

There have been even more enhancements over the past five years, with the introduction of a third weekly draw and a new Double Play game, adding to the rich history of Powerball.

There have been 393 jackpot-winning tickets and $25 billion has been paid out to jackpot winners so far, and the birthday wishes have been pouring in from state lotteries.

From Indiana, Hoosier Lottery Executive Director and MUSL Board President Sarah M. Taylor said: “The game Hoosiers love is turning 30! Over the past three decades, we have continued to set our sights on exciting and innovative opportunities for the Powerball brand."

May Scheve Reardon, Powerball Product Group Chair and Missouri Lottery Executive Director, said: “For 30 years, Powerball has been America’s jackpot game. We want to thank our players who have joined us on this journey and dreamed of winning Powerball. Every Powerball ticket purchased has raised money to benefit good causes supported by U.S. lotteries such as education, veterans, senior citizens, and environmental conservation.”

$400 Million Jackpot

The jackpot was most recently won on Valentine’s Day, when a player from Connecticut landed $185 million. A $632 million prize had previously been split between ticket holders from Wisconsin and California in January. Wisconsin couple Tammy and Cliff Webster later came forward to claim their $316 million share.

There have now been 28 consecutive rollovers since the last win, pushing the jackpot up towards the top 10. The cash value of the $400 million prize is $240.8 million.

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