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Indiana Man Wins $100,000 Powerball Prize Whilst Stopping for Gas

Indiana Man Wins $100,000 Powerball Prize Whilst Stopping for Gas

Kenneth Crabtree, an apartment superintendent from Brown County, Indiana is the most recent Powerball winner to claim a Match 4 plus Powerball prize worth $100,000 for the drawing on October 7th, 2017. Kenneth had just returned from a road trip adventure when he stopped for gas and decided to buy two Powerball tickets with Power Play using the change. 

Where was the winning Powerball ticket bought?

Kenneth, a regular Powerball player, purchased his winning slip at the Circle K gas station, located on Third St. in Bloomington, Indiana. Before stopping at the gas station, Kenneth travelled to Crawfordsville to buy a used car with his friend. Having bought the car, he drove to Bloomington to wash it and top it up with gas. Not knowing how much it would take to fill, Kenneth gave $50 to the cashier at Circle K and, when the pump stopped at $44, he chose to buy two Powerball tickets with Power Play with the $6 left over. 

What were the winning Powerball numbers? 

The winning numbers for the drawing on October 7th were 10, 49, 61, 63, 65, Powerball 7 and the Power Play was 2x. Kenneth chose the Power Play option when he bought his entry, which increased his winnings from $50,000 to $100,000 after he matched the four main Powerball numbers plus the Powerball number. You can view the prize breakdown here

Kenneth discovered he’d won on the Sunday morning after the drawing. He got in his new car, intending to drive to his friend’s house to tell them the good news. However, the car wouldn’t start. 

When speaking about his vehicle, Kenneth jokingly admitted, "It did its job to make me $100,000”.  He now plans on keeping the car for its sentimental value and is going to pay off his pick-up truck with the winnings. 

Become a Powerball Prize Winner 

Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is an estimated $191 million. There is plenty of time to play. You can pick up a ticket at your local authorized retailer or choose your numbers online.

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