Powerball Numbers for October 25th 2003

The Powerball numbers for the drawing on Saturday October 25th 2003 at 10.59pm EST are displayed on this page and the winning numbers drawn were:

Saturday October 25th 2003
  • 6
  • 17
  • 45
  • 47
  • 48
  • 4
  • 3
Jackpot Winners 2
Winners 2
Jackpot $190,900,000
Lottery Winner

Winning tickets from Indiana and Minnesota and claimed by Happy Huskers (Roseanne Feia, Kathleen Wohletz, Cathy Schulz, Alice Kobylinski, Betty Hayes, Elaine Schumer, Doreen Platz, Susan Breth, Phylis Breth, Donna Lange, Judith Feia, Karen Overman, Mary Heitzman, Nancy Vouk, Barbara Nelson, Kathleen Welle) (MN) and Regina Mandabach (IN).

They shared the cash option of $99,530,384.74.


Match Prize Amount Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 5 plus Powerball $95,450,000 2 $190,900,000

Power-Play Prizes

Match Prize Amount Winners Prize Fund Amount