How to Claim Powerball Winnings

Congratulations! If you’ve won a Powerball prize, you might be wondering what to do next. On this page, you can find out how to claim your prize if you've bought your ticket from an authorized retailer.

Ticket Purchased from an Authorized Retailer

Sign the back of your ticket and make a copy. This will help to prevent others from using your ticket to claim a prize in the unlikely event that the ticket is lost or stolen. Note: Winning tickets can only be claimed in the state where they were purchased.

$599 and under

Prize payouts less than $600 can normally be claimed from an authorized lottery retailer. Check with your local retailer for their store policies, as some stores may not carry enough cash for prizes of more than $100 or have guidelines about the amount of cash that is available to staff.

Winnings can also be claimed by mail. To claim your prize by mail, simply mail the ticket alongside some ID and a winner claim form, which is available from your local lottery office. Mail it to the address as provided by the state lottery office for your jurisdiction.

$600 and over

Payouts that are $600 or more can be claimed from a local district office, claim center or lottery headquarters.

Prizes can also be claimed by mail, with the address provided from your state lottery office. The maximum prize amount that can be claimed by mail varies from state to state. Check with your local lottery office for more information.

Jackpot Winners

If you’ve won a jackpot prize, players are advised to contact the lottery headquarters for your jurisdiction and claim the prize in person.

Please note that information varies for each state. Always check with your state lottery. You can find out more on where to claim Powerball winnings in your state, by visiting the dedicated page.

How long do I have to claim Powerball winnings?

The length of time to claim a prize from the drawing date varies for each jurisdiction, as can be seen in the table displayed below.

Jurisdiction Claim Period
Arizona 180 days
Arkansas 180 days
California 1 year for the jackpot prize, 180 days for all other Powerball prizes
Colorado 180 days
Connecticut 180 days
Delaware 1 year
Florida 180 days
Georgia 180 days
Idaho 180 days
Illinois 1 year
Indiana 180 days
Iowa 1 year
Kansas 1 year
Kentucky 180 days
Louisiana 180 days
Maine 1 year
Maryland 182 days
Massachusetts 1 year
Michigan 1 year
Minnesota 1 year
Missouri 180 days
Montana 180 days
Nebraska 180 days
New Hampshire 1 year
New Jersey 1 year
New Mexico 90 days
New York 1 year
North Carolina 180 days
North Dakota 180 days
Ohio 180 days
Oklahoma 180 days
Oregon 1 year
Pennsylvania 1 year
Puerto Rico 180 days
Rhode Island 1 year
South Carolina 180 days
South Dakota 180 days
Tennessee 180 days
Texas 180 days
U.S. Virgin Islands 6 months
Vermont 1 year
Virginia 180 days
Washington State 180 days
Washington D.C. 180 days
West Virginia 180 days
Wisconsin 180 days
Wyoming 180 days

It is important to remember that you cannot win a prize for a lottery draw that you did not enter. If you have received suspicious correspondence or believe that you have been contacted by a scammer, find out what steps to take on the Scams page.