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The Powerball app is the perfect companion to keep you up to date with the latest numbers and news about the lottery. Check your tickets, find out all the payouts for your state and get notifications about big jackpots. You can do all that and more with the app, and it’s free to download now on iOS and Android.

Powerball Lottery App

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Easy To Use

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be able to choose your state right away. There are 48 participating jurisdictions, so you’ll want to see the prize details for where you live rather than the far side of the country. You can always go back into the ‘Settings’ if you travel around a lot and buy tickets in different states.

The app couldn’t be simpler to use. Whether you’re sat at home or outside enjoying some fresh air, one tap to open the app and you will the latest numbers. These are available as soon as the drawings have taken place on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday night.

The other features are quickly available at the bottom of the home screen or through the menu.

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What Can I Do on the App?

You can do far more than just see the latest winning numbers. Hit the ‘Draw Details’ button and you will see whether the jackpot was won, plus how many winners there were in your state. The ‘Draw History’ button brings up all the results for the past few weeks. You can always load more, or even go back to any previous drawing since 1992 if you wish.

Check Numbers

If you’re looking to find out whether you have won a prize, the app’s Checker will work that out for you in an instant. Select the numbers you played and the Checker will compare them to the official results and highlight any wins. You can carry out a Quick Check if you’ve played a new line, or it’s particularly useful if you regularly use the same numbers. Just add as many tickets as you like and save them so you don’t have to select the numbers again after every draw.

Generate Random Lines

Another great feature is the Generator, which provides a set of random Powerball numbers at the touch of a button. This perfect if you’re struggling to think of which numbers to play in the next draw. You can keep generating as many times as you want, and save any sets of numbers you like.

Customize the App for You

As well as picking your state and saving the numbers you’ve played, you can really personalize the app to fit in with the way that you play Powerball. Make sure notifications are enabled, then choose the ones you want from the following options:

  • Latest Results - Get an alert as soon as the numbers have been drawn and the winner information is available. Choose one, all or a combination of draw days, depending on whether you play on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays.
  • Jackpot Amount - Set the slider anywhere up to $500 million and you will receive a notification as soon as Powerball reaches that value.
  • Rollovers - Get notified once the jackpot has rolled over a set number of times. It might be that you’re keen to play as soon as it’s gone one or two draws without a winner, or prefer to wait 10 or 15 draws.
  • Special Events - Activate the ‘Special Events’ notification and you will hear about any big promotions that have been announced.
  • Reminder to Pick Numbers - Whether you like to choose your numbers early in the morning or just before draw time, you can add a reminder for whenever you want.

You can also use the app to find detailed Powerball statistics, information about how to claim prizes, and other help guides. Download the app now and you will be fully equipped for the next Powerball draw.

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