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There have been some huge prizes won in SA PowerBall in the past, mainly thanks to the uncapped jackpot, which has even reached over R200 million before. This page will tell you how much the biggest-ever PowerBall jackpots were worth, and you can find out about the lucky players that won them.

Lottery Winner The most recent PowerBall jackpot was won on Friday 17 November 2023.

There was 1 jackpot winning ticket that matched 5 main numbers and the PowerBall.

Winners this year

Winners this year

R232.1 Million

Biggest ever jackpot

Jackpot winners this year

Jackpot winners this year

Saturday December 9th 2023
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Cape Town 1

19 February 2019 R232 million

An anonymous man from Cape Town landed the biggest ever PowerBall jackpot and came forward to claim it just a week later. Not much information was released about the lucky ticket holder, except that he was a man in his fifties who worked a blue collar job. It was also revealed that he picked his own numbers and spent R22.50 on tickets from an OK Mini Mart in the Tygerdal area of Cape Town.

In a short statement to the media, the winner confirmed that he wanted to remain anonymous and that the money would be used for his children's education first and foremost. He also said he had no plans to quit his job.

KaZulu-Natal 2

11 February 2022 R167 million

A player from Ballito on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal won this huge jackpot, becoming the second-biggest winner in South African PowerBall history. It was revealed that they had spent R150 on their Quick Pick ticket.

The jackpot had rolled over for 24 consecutive draws since 16 November, and had jumped up by more than R10 million from the previous draw.

Western Cape 3

27 July 2021 R158 million

A woman from the North West of South Africa became the country’s biggest-ever online winner when she matched all the numbers to bring an end to a run of rollovers lasting almost three months. She played using the ABSA banking app and picked her regular numbers, spending just R15 on her ticket.

The win could barely have come at a better time as she had found herself unemployed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She said she would donate some of her winnings to charity and set up an education trust for her children. She also planned to use some of the money to make her dreams come true, including a new home and a lot of travelling.

Secunda, Mpumalanga 4

3 August 2018 R145 million

The winner of the second-biggest jackpot in PowerBall history was a 34-year-old engineer from Secunda, Mpumalanga, who bought his lucky ticket for R20 from Evander Dienstasie on 1 Rotter Dam Road, Evander. He had been playing the lottery for years before his big win, and collected his nine-figure prize four days after the draw.

He kept his ticket in his sock for safekeeping, explaining: “I kept it in my sock at night because I thought about what if thieves were to come in here. Not because they know anything… but take it. I kept on thinking that what if I was involved in a car accident. You know how people lose their wallets in accidents, so it was safer there.”

Following his win, he planned to invest the money and help family members. He said the PowerBall prize money would make his life much easier, adding: “It was not easy to make the call to claim the winnings. I needed to properly digest it and accept that my life has changed. Even growing up‚ I can’t say we struggled but it was a life of hustling. There was a time I spent a while looking for a job and I would never want anyone to experience that.”

Western Cape 5

23 August 2019 R141 million

A lucky feeling proved to be just right for a man who bought his PowerBall ticket while holidaying in the Mossel Bay region of Western Cape. His wife had recently had a dream in which ‘she saw gold particles being sprinkled all over her husband’ and he thought that was the day when fortune would smile on him so he purchased a R105 Quick Pick from a Spar in Groot Brakrivier.

The 50-year-old man, who worked in construction, added that he did not have lavish plans for the money and would definitely not be quitting his job. He said he would invest most of it so that his children and grandchildren would have bright futures.

KaZulu-Natal 6

25 November 2022 R135 million

A Guaranteed Jackpot of R135 million was set for this draw, following ten weeks of draws without a winner. A single ticket matched all the numbers, and the winner came forward just a few days later to claim prize.

It turned out to be a pensioner from Rosettenville, Johannesburg. Having spent 40 years working in the construction industry, he put his good fortune down to his faith in God and said he would even continue to play. He said: “I was so excited when I found that I won, I kept on screaming, 'I got it, I got it!'. I have decided I am going to buy a new house for my family. Winning this amount is going to change our lives in a very big way.”

KaZulu-Natal 7

28 April 2020 R135 million

The jackpot had rolled over for more than two months, building up to a gigantic R135 million, when a single player matched all the numbers on 28 April. It was revealed to be a ticket holder from KwaZulu-Natal, who had bought a Quick Pick online through FNB.

They were unable to come forward and claim their prize straight away, though, as the National Lottery’s offices were temporarily closed to comply with the government’s lockdown measures amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Limpopo 8

17 October 2023 R128 million

A jackpot of R128 million had built up over the course of 10 weeks, only for two lucky ticket holders to match all the numbers and win R64 million each. The first to claim was a woman who had used the Absa banking app. She said she planned to buy her dream home and would then be donating money to charitable organisations.

The other winner – a man from Rustenburg – also purchased a ticket via a banking app. He used the FNB app and declared that he would us some of his winnings as capital to start his own business.

Western Cape 9

20 May 2022 R126 million

A woman from Florida in Johannesburg vowed to use her newfound wealth sensibly after landing a jackpot worth R126 million. She said: “We plan to keep a very low profile, with our feet on the ground. My partner and I are very conservative people, we are not splashy big spenders, so there will be no Ferraris.”

The winner also declared that she would invest in property, travel the world and support a charitable NGO. The jackpot had previously not been won since March.

Free State 10

29 September 2020 R121 million

A grandfather from Bloemfontein won R121 million in September 2020 and said the money would allow him to retire a few years early. The winner, who said he usually plays Daily Lotto, also planned to donate some of his newfound fortune to his church. "I checked my ticket about 30 times," the winner said. "I still could not believe that I was the big winner that everyone was talking about. When I arrived at the National Lottery office in Bloemfontein, I became both excited and anxious when it was confirmed that indeed I had won the R121 Million PowerBall jackpot."

The winner said he looked forward to "new beginnings" and was keen to help those close to him, including his children and grandchildren, who he said would be "taken care of for life." The winning ticket was purchased at Belvera Supermarket on 8 Old Thaba Nchu Road, Bloemspruit, in Bloemfontein.

Biggest PowerBall Plus Winners

While the jackpot doesn't climb as high as in the main draw, there have been a number of big PowerBall Plus winners since the extra game was introduced in 2016. Find out more about them below.

KwaZulu-Natal 1

10 July 2020 R153 million

A man from KwaZulu-Natal became the biggest PowerBall Plus winner - and the largest online winner - of all time when he landed this nine-figure payout. With restrictions on social contact during the Covid-19 pandemic, playing online proved to be particularly popular and the lucky winner could scarcely believe his luck as he was not a regular player. He said the win had ‘fast-forwarded their investment plans, to a point beyond imagination’.

Limpopo 2

8 April 2022 R94 million

This was the second-largest PowerBall Plus jackpot ever seen at the time, after rolling over for more than two and a half months. It could have gone on to break the R100 million barrier, but was stopped in its tracks when a single ticket holder matched all the numbers.

The winner came forward less than two weeks later to claim the prize, and opted to remain anonymous. This is very common in South Africa, but the winner also requested that no more information be shared about their story. All that was revealed was that the winner came from Limpopo, and had spent R45 on a Quick Pick selection.

Cape Town 3

23 April 2019 R83 million

This huge PowerBall Plus jackpot - the biggest ever seen on the game at the time - was created after almost three months of rollovers. Only a single player matched all the numbers – 3, 23, 25, 38 and 44, plus the PowerBall of 9. The winning ticket was bought at Checkers, Durbanville in Cape Town, Western Cape, but no more information was released about the identity of the lucky player.

SA PowerBall jackpots are paid in a tax free lump sum and winners have the option to remain anonymous.