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To win the NZ Powerball jackpot, a ticket holder must match the six main Lotto numbers and Powerball number drawn. In the event that there is no jackpot winner, the New Zealand Powerball jackpot will roll to the next draw.

Saturday December 3rd 2022
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Once a threshold of $50 million is reached, a special 'Must Be Won' draw is held where, if there is still no jackpot winner, the jackpot prize will roll down and be distributed between players in the next winning prize tier.

The biggest New Zealand Powerball jackpot wins are as follows:

$50.2 million won on 29 February 2020

The jackpot reached $50 million for the first time in February 2020. Two players matched all the numbers in the Must Be Won draw to split the record amount. Both of the winning tickets belonged to participants from Auckland. One had played online, while the other was a mother from Hawke’s Bay who bought her ticket Countdown Manukau City Mall. She said when she came forward that she had found it difficult to sleep as she had mostly been scouring the internet for her dream car and places to visit.

$50 million won on 15 August 2020

Powerball's second ever $50 million Must Be Won draw took place in August 2020 but there were no First Division winners, despite the fact that more than two million tickets were sold for the draw. Consequently, the entire $50 million jackpot rolled down to winners in Division Two, with ten lucky ticket holders taking home $5 million each.

$44 million won on 9 November 2016

Before the jackpot was capped at $50 million, this Must Be Won draw created the largest prize ever seen on New Zealand Powerball. One lucky couple from the city of Dairy Flat, north of Auckland, pocketed $44 million to become the game’s biggest winners on a single ticket. They revealed that they were looking forward to buying their first home and would continue to work.

$38.2 million won on 16 October 2019

Two tickets shared this gigantic jackpot, which came after 16 draws without a winner. Both winners were based in Auckland and bought their tickets online. One of them revealed that she only entered the draw two minutes before sales closed.

$38 million won on 22 November 2017

The jackpot was shared between two ticket holders. One ticket was sold at Fresh Choice supermarket in Greytown and the other ticket was sold at the New World store in Warkworth. The Warkworth winner has chosen to remain anonymous.

$36 million won on 24 June 2009

A syndicate of four family members from Masterton won the $36 million jackpot. The syndicate, calling themselves ‘Irish Luck’, managed to scoop the first and second division prizes.

$35.2 million won on 9 April 2011

Two tickets shared this record jackpot. One winning ticket was purchased in Dannevirke and the other in Hamilton.

$33 million won on 28 September 2013

Despite there being no jackpot winner in the draw on 28 September 2013, a man from Auckland nevertheless became the surprising single biggest New Zealand Powerball winner as a result. There were no Match 6 plus Powerball winners in the draw and, as the jackpot had exceeded the $30 million threshold, the funds rolled down to the next winning prize tier.

With only one ticket holder in the second tier, the ticket holder won the entire jackpot when he matched five of the main numbers, the Bonus Ball and the Powerball.

$30.5 million won on 18 October 2008

This jackpot was shared between five ticket holders in the first New Zealand Powerball 'Must Be Won' draw. The winning tickets were purchased in Auckland (1), Manukau (1), Wellington (2) and Reefton (1) and each won $6.1 million. Ticket sales for the draw surpassed all previous draws.

$30.2 million won on 16 September 2017

A single ticket holder from Taupo won the first division prize. The ticket was sold at Richmond Superette in Taupo.

New Zealand Powerball jackpots are paid in a tax free lump sum and winners have the option to remain anonymous.

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