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New Zealand Powerball Prizes

In every Powerball draw there are seven prize tiers (called Divisions) on offer in addition to those available in the regular New Zealand Lotto draw. The jackpot is a minimum NZ$4 million, won by matching all six main numbers drawn and the Powerball.

If the jackpot is not won then it rolls over to the next draw and this keeps happening until either there is a winner or the jackpot reaches NZD$50 million. When this limit is reached, a 'Must Be Won' draw is held and, if no player matches the six main numbers and the Powerball, the jackpot is rolled down and shared among winners in the next prize division.

The largest ever jackpot won by a NZ Powerball player was NZD$44 Million on 9th November 2016. The ‘must be won’ jackpot was won by a ticket holder in Auckland. For more information about winners, visit the New Zealand Powerball Winners page.

Odds and Prize Tiers for the New Zealand Powerball

This table displays the seven New Zealand Powerball prize tiers, the numbers that need to be matched to win a prize in each tier and the odds of winning a prize:

Division Prize Tier Odds
1 6 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 38,383,800
2 5 main Lotto numbers, Bonus Ball and Powerball 1 : 6,397,300
3 5 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 193,858
4 4 main Lotto numbers, Bonus Ball and Powerball 1 : 77,543
5 4 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 4,846
6 3 main Lotto numbers, Bonus ball and Powerball 1 : 3,635
7 3 main Lotto numbers plus Powerball 1 : 352

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