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New Zealand Powerball

New Zealand Powerball was introduced to the nation in February 2001 as an additional game to the main New Zealand Lotto but quickly established itself as one of the biggest lotteries in New Zealand. The game takes place every Wednesday and Saturday and is run by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission (Lotto NZ).

Powerball Numbers

The latest results, including the prize breakdown, are published on the Results page, as soon as they have been verified.

Powerball Numbers
Saturday February 18th 2017
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Today's estimated jackpot is:
NZ$ 6.5Million
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The last jackpot was: $6,000,000

History of the New Zealand Powerball

The first New Zealand draw was held in February 2001 but unlike other independently operated Powerball games across the globe, the New Zealand game can only be played alongside the main New Zealand Lotto game.

The winning numbers are drawn using two different ball pools; the first contains numbers from 1 to 40 from which the six main numbers, as well as the Bonus Ball, are drawn.  The resulting seven numbers form the main New Zealand Lotto result.

The second machine contains balls numbered 1 to 10 from which a single Powerball number is drawn. The six main numbers drawn for the Lotto game, along with the Powerball number, make up the New Zealand Powerball result.

In October 2007, the minimum jackpot value increased from NZD$1 million to NZD$3 million and the Powerball ball pool increased from eight numbers to ten numbers.