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PowerBall Timeline

PowerBall was launched in 2009 and has undergone many changes since then. Find out about the important dates in the game's history right here, such as when changes have been made to the rules and when the biggest jackpots have been won.

23 Oct2009

The first PowerBall draw is held. The national lottery operator at the time is the Gidani consortium, and players are required to select five main numbers from 1 to 45 and one PowerBall between 1 and 20. The jackpot is won in the first draw as a single ticket holder banks R30 million.

12 Feb2010

A mother from Western Cape snaps up a gigantic jackpot of R91 million with a Quick Pick ticket, opting to stay anonymous rather than reveal her identity. The excitement of the big draw leads to another player being wrongly reported as the winner and they have to go into hiding due to the attention.

3 Jun2011

The jackpot surpasses R100 million for the first time ever after 24 rollovers in a row. A man from the Free State province matches all the numbers to win R102 million, setting a record which would stand for more than seven years. Go to the Winners page to find out more about his story and other massive prizes to have been won on PowerBall.

1 Jun2015

Ithuba Holdings RF (Proprietary) Limited takes over as the operator of PowerBall and all other South African national lottery games, following the expiry of Gidani's licence.

1 Dec2015

The first PowerBall Plus draw takes place, giving players another chance to win if they opt in to this supplementary game. To mark the occasion, there is a guaranteed jackpot of R50 million for PowerBall and R10 million for PowerBall Plus. A number of changes are also made to the main PowerBall game:

  • A ninth prize division is introduced for matching just the PowerBall, improving the overall odds of winning.
  • The bottom two prizes are fixed at R10 for matching just the PowerBall and R15 for players in the Match 1 + PowerBall category.
  • The cost per line increases from R3.50 to R5, helping jackpots to grow more quickly between draws.
5 Jan2016

The PowerBall Plus jackpot is won for the first time, with a player from KwaZulu Natal landing R23 million to end a sequence of nine straight rollovers.

18 Apr2017

A resident of Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal, wins R58 million on PowerBall Plus. This creates a new mark for the highest jackpot in the supplementary game.

1 Jun2018

The game changes as the pool of main numbers to choose from goes up from 45 to 50. The pool of PowerBall numbers stays the same at 20.

3 Aug2018

An engineer from Secunda in Mpumalanga becomes PowerBall’s biggest winner of all time, claiming a prize of R145 million. The lucky man had kept his R20 ticket in his sock before coming forward, and said he wanted to use the money to help out members of his family.

19 Feb2019

The record for the largest PowerBall win in history is broken by a man from Cape Town. Having spent R22.50 on tickets, he won R232 million and came forward just a week later. He said that his main focus for the money would be on using it to help his children.

10 Jul2020

A player from KwaZulu Natal lands R153 million on PowerBall Plus, smashing the record for the biggest win on the game. The jackpot had been climbing for seven months and the lucky winner revealed that he was not even a regular player.