How to Spend $1 Billion

Powerball always offers huge jackpots, but in 2016 the game broke new ground as the top prize reached $1.58 billion for the draw on Wednesday January 13th. It was the first time in history that any lottery in the world had put such an extraordinary sum of money up for grabs and it sparked a mad rush for tickets.

Here are just a few ways you could spend the cash if you had a ten-figure amount in your bank balance:

Live in the world's most expensive house

The world's first $1 billion home, developed by India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is an extravagance few could match, but with a huge Powerball win in the bag you could make him an offer he could not refuse or build your own house just like it. Known as Antilia, Ambani's home is located in Mumbai and features a staggering 27 floors, three helipads, several swimming pools, a 50-seater cinema and comes with 600 full-time members of staff.

Buy an island paradise

For most people it would be a dream holiday just to go and stay for a week in the Maldives and soak up the sun in a sumptuous setting, but pocketing $1 billion could turn a short stay into a lifelong reality. A new law was passed in 2015 to allow foreigners to purchase land on one of the 1,200 islands, as long as they invest $1 billion, meaning that you could enjoy your own slice of Indian Ocean paradise.

Run for president

The road to the White House should take a lot of hard work, intelligence, political savvy and integrity, but the most important factor is arguably money. Not many people have the cash to run for the presidency, but winning $1 billion would certainly open a lot of doors, allowing you to launch a campaign which can be adapted according to the specifics of each different state. It is estimated that Barack Obama's 2012 campaign cost the President, his party and those who supported him $1.1 billion and it worked for him, so why can't your dreams come true too?

Buy a trio of super yachts

There are few things that sum up the million-dollar lifestyle quite like a luxury yacht, so if you win $1 billion you would have to go the extra mile and purchase at least one spare, just in case your first was accidentally cut adrift during a wild night of celebration on the harbour. Towergate Insurance estimates that a 100-metre-long yacht, capable of cruising at 25 knots, will set you back $275 million on average. Why not buy three, and still have $175 million left over?

Purchase an NFL team

Frustrated that your NFL team never makes it to the Super Bowl or your favorite players are getting left on the bench? It is estimated that the NFL's 32 teams are worth, on average, $1.17 billion each, so if you scooped a ten-figure sum on Powerball you would be in a good position to step in as owner. You wouldn't even have to stop there, as you could help recruit the best players or even take the decision to coach the team yourself!

A lifetime's supply of donuts for over 3,000 people

Winning $1 billion on Powerball would mean that you could splash out on a crazy amount of donuts, if so inclined. With nobody to grumble about your eating habits, there would be nothing to stop you enjoying ten donuts a day for the rest of your life. Assuming a cost of around $1 a donut, you could feed 3,424 people donuts at this rate for 80 years each thanks to Dunkin Donuts, and that's not even taking into account the great deals you might get for buying in bulk!